Many to many: no man is an island.


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Food for thoughts definetly. i wish we could have heard more about the way on how to transform companies to community members in open source.

Jacopo's approach to work and life should be mandatory in any workplace :)

esemplare! umano! concreto!

Anonymous at 22:10 on 13 May 2011

Se ci fosse stato solo il suo talk, ne sarebbe comunque valsa la pena.

Anonymous at 09:35 on 14 May 2011

Very nice and refreshing talk about something non-technical but still of very great importance!!!

Grande keynote!

A very technical approach to a "fluffy" topic. It's not easy to talk to developers effectively about this kind of topics, Jacopo does that very well

5 stars with no need to motivate'em.

Nice perspective and good talk.
A refreshing change in perspective

un'esperienza entusiasmante. bellissimo keynot.

Really inspiring and motivational.

Awesome! There are not only technical skills. That's right.

Very inspiring talk, a sermon, really, nicely showing what makes software development effective and worthwile under both economical and social aspects. And it was easy to realise that what Jacopo told us is not a result of theoretcial considerations but the very essence of his daily work. Thanks a lot for sharing these thoughts with us!

inspiring talk, very well tailored to the actual audience. and 100% fitting the keynote format / idea.

jacopo's not native in english, so it has not always been easy for him to deliver the whole sense of his humour / thoughts (some fine grained meaning, small differences among words / concepts)

in one word: moving.

I shouldn't say this, for the sake of Jacopo's ego, but he's really a "stage beast", a coach inside :)

always a great public speaker, addictive, and always great expertise on the covered topics.

I quote all the comments above but there's another thing that I want to say: this talk moved me!

We're nerd, geeks, technicians but most of all humans!
Thanks again Jacopo!