NoSQL Databases: What, When and Why


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very knowledgable and I like your attempt on taking a step back to become able to decide between systems. your conclusion part could have had some more concrete use case examples though to make clear what the various motivations can be to pick a certain system.

Anonymous at 15:42 on 15 May 2011

Great theoretical intro. Missing a more in-depth review of the existing software in the light of the theory. 1 hour isn't enough...

The speech felt more like a university lesson than a conference speech :) But it was very interesting!

This talk gives an overview over the various concepts that are summed up under the term NoSQL Databases, their concepts in an almost mathematical detail, their pros and cons, and some (open-source) implementation of each kind. Possibly also due to the unrewarding time slot at the end of the conference, it seemed like with this expansive approach the talk wanted to achieve too much, and the slides will be more helpful as a reference than to actually support the understanding of the subject matter. Most important take-away for me: the term NoSQL really mostly just says what it *not* is, rather than being really useful in its own.

Too much Math for my Taste. Seen other Talks about nosql starting with the listing of nosql variants and then had infos about ACID and CAP Theorem. I wonder who has not read amazons dynamo paper and googles map-reduce while being on a developers planet. missed a little bit of personal experience in the talk. for a php conf there should have been some more infos about the nosql variants that are supported by the various frameworks.