Pursuing Domain-Driven Design practices in PHP


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Nice presentation and good introduction to DDD and it`s patterns for PHP developers.

Giorgio is one of my favourite technical writers: the presentation was quite effective, digging into some of the main DDD concepts ( which PHP devs usually lack of ).

Really interesting.

Well structured presentation
A little annoying the ticking of the clockwork tomato shaped timer he kept on the bench

Really good topic and exposition. I was a bit disappointed from the absence of code in the presentation, though Giorgio made a github repo with all the examples.

Anonymous at 15:33 on 15 May 2011

Very insightful. DDD definitely deserves an in-depth study and Giorgio's intro is really helpful

very professional talk, on a topic of great interest.

the use of a real world case study to support theory and practices was very appreciated. and the availability of source code on github another plus.

2 exact pomodoros ... what a discipline, giorgio! (and please, keep using the physical tomato ... maybe next time just be 100% sure it's far away from the mic ...)

one of the three talks at phpday2011 which make me try to hack joind.in, to see if i can use 6 stars to rate it