Real World Dependency Injection


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Anonymous at 22:20 on 13 May 2011

Clear, informative, well organized.

Anonymous at 09:37 on 14 May 2011

Even if I've already worked with DI it was very interesting to see the different approaches on how to do DI.

This talk has been tremendously interesting and made me understand some things I never did.
Hochdoerfer's presentation has been extremely well laid out, interesting, and clear. Also his speaker's skills have been quite good.

One of the best talks in the whole conference as far as I'm concerned.

DI means passing objects to other objects while we build them instead of instanciating one inside the other. This talk nicely shows some of the various concepts of how a developer can define which object, or which type of object, is to be injected where. What I did not get from it is how these approaches relate to each other. It seems like there's some evolutuionary development of which they represent different stages, but still each of them will be the right one to use in certain situations. But there was definiteily some food for thought in this talk.

Good overview, nothing revolutionary, but really useful.