"Many services / applications now a day are ill equipped with handling a sudden rush of popularity, as is often the case on the internet now a days, to a point where the services either become unavailable or unbearably slow.
By taking a chapter from the ant colonies in the wild, where their strength lies in their numbers and the fact that everyone works together towards the same goal, we can apply the same principle to our service by using systems such as
- gearman
- memcache
- daemons
- message queues
- load balancers
and many more, you can achieve greater performance, more redundancy, higher availability and have the ability to scale your services up and down as required easily.
During this talk attendees will be lead through the world of distributed systems and scalability, and shown the how, where and what, of how to take the average application and splitting it into smaller more manageable pieces."


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Rated 4

Anonymous at 19:00 on 13 May 2011

Pretty nice. Would have liked more nitty gritty details (common pitfalls, list of php solutions/tools that help building distributed apps)

Rated 3

Anonymous at 09:38 on 14 May 2011

I was expecting a little more technical info about how to distribute workload, i.e. with what tools for example

Rated 5

Anonymous at 18:29 on 15 May 2011

Great talk, passionate talker

Nice introduction, but I was expecting deeper and more technical infos.