Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services


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Good talk and very good explenstion of how rest should look like

A complete overview on REST. Accurate examples on what's good and wha'ts not, presented by a really qualified speaker.

nicely presented, with a nice flow. loved the examples of both good and nice APIs (and what's right/wrong with each), and the posts/books recommendations at the end.

great presentation with really good examples, though a bit overtime (had to leave early :-( )

Great talk and very usefull info!

Would like to see panel with Lorna on this subject since there were few totally opposing views on the same suggestions

Your talk was impressive, you really rock!


I realize there are talks and people out there who say things like "REST is not about strict rules" or that you can make up your own style and that an API is great and RESTful as long as it solves your problems.

Roy Fielding says (here: the following about the matter:

"[...] if the engine of application state (and hence the API) is not being driven by hypertext, then it cannot be RESTful and cannot be a REST API. Period."

And he should know, since he coined the term REST :)

This talk has been for me the most impressive one of the conference. Clear and inspiring ideas explained in a great way. The talk touched the heart of the web, and in a wonderful way.

Great talk: practical with examples clear and very comprehensive

One of the best talks of the conference IMHO. Very well structured and presented. It could have gone on for two hours, no problem.

Great an inspiring talk. And presented very well.

Clear, precise, concise and to the point, with great brevity, and clarity of the information.
Learned a lot

One of best talks in conference!