Get'em in shape: let customers appreciate the agile workflow


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It was great to hear about the problems regarding estimation from a person with good experience from dealing with this problem. Even though the topic isn't technical by itself it affects a lot of technical stuff!

Nice, practical explanation of how transitioning to agile contracts takes place in Italy.

Business talk at a developer conference. ..

@Fabian: arent you affected by this as a developer? Lucky guy ;-) Anyways, phpday conf tagline reads: "dedicated solely to PHP development, technologies and management". I think talk was more about project mgmt than business... Anyways, please let me know how I can improve it, tnx.

As title say, a good presentation on how to let the customer appreciate the way you can code better.

Good talk on agile concepts in customers relationship

Interesting talk that also reflects my experiences. I totally agree that working in close relation with the customer helps them understanding the complexity and difficulties of software projects.
What I missed a bit was how you can convince a potential customer to sign the contract with you and not your competitor who apparently knows how much every single item in the application will cost.

Great Talk about Customer Satisfaction. A different point of view by me, but useful and with good approach to communication.

nice agile point of view...I have to try