Security at scale: Web application security in a continuous deployment environment


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Good talk. Shows how far and professional you can go in security

Very interesting to hear your thoughts about the issue and get a glimpse of the real deal. Even in a small company, there are many things to be learned from this "bigger picture" with security staff.

By the way, I first found Etsy yesterday and had no idea about what it was. Now I know!

Great talk. Finally a talk about security that discusses how an organization can "live" security. Also been a long while since I have seen a presenter make multiple statements, that I in my head immediately disagreed, only to be convinced of the presenters POV within a few slides.

Some of the "comic relief" slides were maybe a bit hard to get for a European crowd.

A talk on Security, I really needed that, very useful!

Great speaker with a very interesting perspective on what we developers dont think enough (at least me :)

"Secure by design", this is the pragmatic precept that summarizes your great talk about how we should develop our software architectures.

Good talk

Great talk and very well presented.

Amazing talk. You made time fly and by when the talk was over I wasn't quite sure if you had a 30 minute or 60 minute talk just to realize you made an hour pass without me getting bored at all.

Some very interesting concepts but most importantly you have me what I from now on will except from every security talk: Integration in a real world environment.

Showing how an organization that embraces continues deployment can do meaningful security is amazing.

Very good. Thanks!

Great talk! A very interesting presentations of the big work done at ETSY on the security field. Far from the common approach to security through a "ready to go appliance", this guys has made security scale with the business. Thanks Zane, I've learned some big lessons from this talk!