Symfony CMF


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very interesting project and a good reasoning why this is needed at all. a bit more demo would have been nice.

I can't wait to get involved in this projects! Thank you for the talk! maybe some more demo code in the talk would be nice!

Very interesting talk. I agree with David and Alberto, some more demo would have be nice

Since I have talked on the subject myself its always interesting to see how another speaker chooses to introduce the topic. As such I appreciated the different approach you took for introducing the importance of the "F" in CMF. However I also think the demo part came out too short. Also especially since the CMF is such a moving target I would advise you in the future to make sure you have the files you want to showcase opened ahead of time.

Good talk and nice introduction to the CMF. Demo should have been prepared a bit better.

Nice talk on tdd and more I have learned di at least!

I am sorry for having run the demo part too short. It was absolutely my fault. I should have dropped it instead of trying to make it fit a 25 minutes time window. Less can be more.