Build a Zend Framework 2 application in less than a talk


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Started good, but when he had to show some real code (controllers, view), it was missing. He showed only the models and the routes.

Missed the controller code because all other things are quite similar to other frameworks like SF2.

good session overall

Next time please avoid Live Coding

Doing real code which works in less than an hour is really challenging. Good example of "from scratch" app development with promising ZF2 framework.

I expected more of this talk. The coding was slow and the overall tempo of presentation was way too slow. I was hoping Enrico would focus more on the new things in ZF2 (like service layer for example). He spent most of the time explaining simple stuff that I think most of the attendees were familiar with.

Good for tutorial but a standard talk is too short for a complete app

Good and simple example of ZF2 app.