Building distributed systems


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Good talk, interesting insights and tips

A lot of information on scaling, monitoring/debugging and developing distributed application.
Defenetly a talk worth attending.

A good overview of several concepts

Interesting and insightful. The talk was delivered very professionally.

Interesting talk with a lot of useful info and funny anecdotes, great speaker.

Very interesting and entertaining talk. Lots of insights into running distributed large scale applications.

Entertaining and broad speech about the do and dont's. Enjoyed it very much! Thank you!

orientated, but really honest. Excellent talk

Anonymous at 21:45 on 19 May 2013

Excellent delivery.
Possibly the topics were a bit too generic but very interesting anyway.

Great speaker presenting great content backed up with some real life experience. Everything a talk needs!

Good technical talk that was delivered with honesty and humor

Great talk, was interesting, concise and well executed.

Great presentation! The story telling wasn't as fluent/coherent as it has could have been but all the points where really well made