Caching and data analysis will move your Symfony2 application to the next level.


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Anonymous at 15:54 on 17 May 2013

too sparse ideas, without a real goal

Anonymous at 15:54 on 17 May 2013

Anonymous at 15:54 on 17 May 2013

Funny and inspiring

Funny talk, but pretty chaotic - and at times hard to follow (might be my age ;p) - as well. Maybe a bit more focus on some of the subjects instead of cramming all this separate info in one presentation would work better.

Anonymous at 20:23 on 17 May 2013

funny and good talk, great presentation

Anonymous at 23:44 on 17 May 2013

Agree with Wim: good talk, at times a bit chaotic an hard to follow

Great talk, I really enjoyed it.

Someone says that the closing talk at the symfonyday was great and better than this, IMHO I liked it, totally agree about the dark passenger!

Funny and full of good tips!

A lot of good tips and optimization tools

Presentation with good & funny delivery, very interesting approach to data analysis and protips for doctrine optimization

Keep calm and do talk! :)

Funny, interesting and expiring. Good talk

Sometimes too fast but interesting

To me this was more of an entertainment talk. The speaker made a lot of jokes and it was all very funny, but the talk itself was a bit chaotic at times. I guess it's a good idea to have some talks like this that will cheer up the attendees.

very nice talk Giulio! Thankyou ;)

quite chaotic but full of good tips

A little too specific about Doctrine, but very good slides and presentation.