Elastic Searching with PHP


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A very clear explanation of ElasticSearch, Elastica and the FOSElasticaBundle. I'd used this a while ago and it was good to get a refreshing look at this technology. Only downside was that, because the late time in the day, it could've been spiced up a bit, to keep the attention of the crowd a bit more

A good walkthrough with examples from the real life, interesting to see and we'll probably going to use the bundle in the future.

A suggestion to the speaker: try to be more self confident. You know a lot about the topic, a lot more than most of us in the audience do!

Good talk with good code examples. If you would have some info on how Elastic Search is handling big indexes, then I would give 5 points. :) Will try this out in places where Sphinx is an overkill. Thanks!

Great introduction in Elastic Searching. Thanks for that talk!

Not bad overal: talk's been clear and speaker obviously knows stuff. I would've appreciated to hear a few more tips from practical experience, thoug. Introcuction to system and apis's been allright. IMHO more real world usage examples would've spiced up presentation, and done more justice to speaker. My 2cc.

Since this was meant as an introduction, it was a pretty good talk (even though everybody was tired I guess). You covered the basics, first the "behind the scenes" look at how elastic search's REST api works, then covering Elastica and the FOSElasticaBundle and their usage briefly. Going a bit deeper into the query syntax would make it an excellent intro to elastic search (and maybe you could also mention alternative libs like Sherlock).

good start point for me

The content was good and the speaker obviously knew her stuff, but like Tobias I would suggest a little more energy next time. At moments it seemed like the speaker wasn't really enjoying the experience, and she seemed either nervous or uninterested. Add a little energy, confidence, and project a little more and this would easily be a 5 star talk.

I kinda missed an initial bit of top view&definitions; of basic terms such as: index, type, document, etc. That's, however, the issue with elasticsearch site itself.

Good introduction into Elasticsearch. For the next time I would add some realworld examples and maybe drop some of the code-slides. Or else do a workshop where people set up Elasticsearch.

Quite good for beginners, but additional info can be useful, like the question made about benchmarking (and why you should use elastic search) and more explanation about "magic" behind the bundle

too much 'maybe' about the topic

give a lot of inspirations, this means that it make sense to build an application the google way with a contextual search in every form. Really enjoy it!!

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Interesting topic, but totally agree with Jonathan...

Really good explation of Elastic search, I quite enjoyed it. For me, the purpose of this talk was to make attendees interested in Elastic and in my case it succeeded. Good talk.

Good topic, but with too much unimportant parts. Also, way too much maybes, gave me an impression of unprepared presenter.

Nice introduction to Elastic Search