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Good talk on how PHP uses memory. A bit of devops hints here and there.
Good explanation of internal processes for getting and releleasing memory. Best suggestion for batch operation and debugging I'm taking home: xdebug_debug_zval function and how class attributes are treated.

Very good talk on ZendMM, and more generally on PHP internals memory management. Always good to know what happens under the hood. Clear and detailed, I got quite a few bits from this talk.

Anonymous at 13:49 on 17 May 2013

Usefull talk for every php developer.

Good view behind the scenes. There could be more tips for devs, how to write memory friendly code

Julien gave an excellent overview of how memory management works in PHP, and was clear and concise with his explanations. I have a much deeper understanding of memory use in PHP now, and it was easy information to digest.

cool talk, cleared up a bunch of details I had wrong :)

Anonymous at 18:39 on 17 May 2013

Good Insight in how PHP uses Memory and how to approach it.

Anonymous at 23:43 on 17 May 2013

Bright technical talk for who want to understand memory management in PHP. Usually PHP Scripts life is really short, if you need to go beyond this talk is a must.

Very good talk!

Interesting talk and good overview of everything memory-related in php. Learned a lot.

Good overview on memory related PHP behavior that every programmer should known.

Good talk. Next time go in depth with Apache+Php memory issues.

A lot of useful hints; good presentation

talk very comprehensive and detailed. very good!

Your speech was the best I've heard at the conference, Thanks!