LAMP scaling 101


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Great 101 overview of many areas of scalling

Cool talk, good list of things we should be aware of

Nice insight into real-world architecture of a large distributed system. The speaker was consistently interesting with no snooze-prone moments which so often plague the post-lunch talks.

Good overview of how to deal with scaling issues, based on real-life experience, great speaker.

Great talk about scaling web applications. Good speaker.

Great talk with lots of real-life situations and broad insight in solving problems when systems and sites grow.

Anonymous at 10:46 on 19 May 2013

Very interesting, fast paced talk on a real life case. Great speaker

Nice insights from the trenches (do not use sessions, use encrypted cookies instead)

pragmatical and essential, really enjoyed it

Anonymous at 21:44 on 19 May 2013

Real world suggestions. The slides could be well kept as a "checklist" of things to do.

Great overview of scaling presented in an understandable way.

The talk covered several aspects needed for scaling a php + mysql app with a great bird's eye view but at the same time with enough detail in order to actually understand what is needed. The delivery was well structured with funny jokes thrown at the right times.
Good job

Excellent talk. I liked your slides, simple yet effective.

Great content, backed by some funny anecdotes made this a good one to watch.

Always happy to hear talks that are based on actual experience from the world, for example the DB Wenching part. Nice pace, the right amount of jokes, all in all a great talk!

Straight to the point, very well presented, and nicely paced - highly useful for anyone dealing with scaling an app.

Knowledge from the trenches in the purest form.
If you have a chance attend this talk in the future

Knowledge from the trenches in the purest form.
If you have a chance attend this talk in the future

A very very interesting inside of "Somewhat unconventional real world problem solving".

Enjoyed it a lot