REST APIs made easy with Symfony2


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Anonymous at 12:40 on 17 May 2013

Anonymous at 13:43 on 17 May 2013

Great talk, though you rushed a bit through it. You gave lots of pointers, using libs that already have been tried & tested (a major plus), and even covered ACL integration (a -very- small overview of how the acl support works would have been handy for those who don't use it yet though).

A small live demo - demoing the source code you presented in action - would have received a 5 thumbs up.

unfortunately all links were broken! JK

Interesting topic, great competence from the speaker, great slides. Excellent presentation.

Very good slides. The speaker could have been more relaxed.

Very interesting introduction to REST APIs with Symfony

Samuel you rocks: good knowledge, good slides.

Great talk, well exposed. I really enjoyed it.

usefully presentation. Your slides will save a lot of my time.

This talk was great to me. Clear explanation of REST in Symfony2 with good examples. One of the best talks.

This was your first talk at an international conference: great job man! You run a bit short but had more time for questions. With practice and experience I'm sure you can become a very good public speaker.

A very good overview of the whole process of setting up REST in symfony. Only a bit too much code on slides for my taste. Maybe put less code on slides next time and set up a github repo with the complete example?

Very well presented, nice content. As a suggestion, maybe it'd be nice to have a part in the end on "best practices", or, "this is how we use it in our company because of reasons". Real life examples are always a plus!

very interesting talk, your first speech at an international conference was a success, imho. for those interested to HATEOAS the bundle was talking about Samuel, should be

very interesting talk

excellent talk with great slides. especially liked the trick with the selective syntax-highlighting to feature the important bits,

Great slides, Speaker displayed great hands on experience, good art of storytelling, if you have a chance attend this talk

Great talk, almost made me like SF2.

Anonymous at 00:33 on 30 May 2013

Very informative and clear introduction in REST services for beginners.