Writing infinite scalability web applications with PHP and PostgreSQL


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Great talk

Yeah, great talk. Lots of insights on old and new Postgres features and principles.

Nice talk, great speaker. Lots of info on PostgreSQL features (both present and future), considering to have a look at v9.3 soon.

Great talk, but those animations with smoke or dust were a bit annoying.

Good talk with interesting insights into Postgresql. Good overview of tools to use.

Good talk, but most of the features presented will be available next year. I was hoping on something I could use now.

Very interesting overview of PostgreSQL, engaging speaker, always glad when I bring home enthusiasm for a new technology I'm willing to test.

PostgreSql is a great database, and the talk was on the same scale.

Anonymous at 10:52 on 19 May 2013

Interesting overview of Postgres, worth a try.

Funny, informative and daring to go against the tide (scale vertically before going horizontal - do not use db abstraction layers) etc.

Nitpick: plz remove cheesy animations!

cool!! have to move from the dark-side of the Bds

Interesting how Postgres evolved... but the talk omitted quite a lot of relevant information.
Really disappointing how the speaker forfeit to fully answer some questions.

Anonymous at 21:45 on 19 May 2013

Very interesting, made me wanted to give PostGreSQL a try.

I need to go deep into PostgrSQL. ^_^

Some really useful information about postgres. The json part and unit testing in postgres really got me interested in that dbms.

Very motivating lecture about Postgres and scaling - quite useful for a not-too-DB-oriented developer like myself.

Good talk for the first part, then the talk got way too boring and unclear. Good for PgSQL beginners, unimportant for veterans.