Coding and Dreaming - PHP in 2014


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Bit of new stuff, bit of motivation, very good fit for keynote.

Anonymous at 11:49 on 16 May 2014

Anonymous at 11:51 on 16 May 2014

Good stuff

A motivating keynote! That's what we need :)

Good keynote, nicely presented.

Great keynote!

Anonymous at 19:22 on 16 May 2014

A great fit for the opening of such a conference.

lot of improvements in php 5.5 and 5.6 ! nice presentation

Anonymous at 09:45 on 17 May 2014

Very good, experienced speaker obviously. Great ending part

Beginning the phpDay with a keynote by the PHP creator, priceless.

Anonymous at 08:24 on 18 May 2014

Anonymous at 08:54 on 18 May 2014

Inspiring. Some good info about the future of PHP and then some best practices about how to be a good developer (and person).

I have liked more the motivational part, personally I think that this kind of stuff fits better for a keynote (and also I can't take too much implementation details before the first coffee break )

an inspiring talk

Anonymous at 20:09 on 18 May 2014

Excellent keynote, a little bit of technical, little bit of philosophical.

I think your talk hit the spot perfectly!

You had it all:
- upcoming improvements
- useful know-hows (deploy with realpath switch - so simple and yet so good)
- philosophical note

Very inspirational! Thank you! =D

many good news and one life lesson learned

Nice mix of everything in the talk, as keynote should be

Always inspiring; lesson learned: "work on something that matters"

Thanks for the tip about the deploy and the nginx real path! It was worth the whole keynote for me.

Anonymous at 09:50 on 20 May 2014

The idea of millions of people about to get in the market with a smartphone and no desktop at all changed my idea of the future.

Always a pleasure to get the inside track, some useful pragmatic discussion around deploys. Get to get reinforcement for current practice and what's round the corner, good way to open the gig.

Anonymous at 16:19 on 30 May 2014

More than programing...