Concurrent PHP in the Etsy API


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good news, PHP does concurrency... thanks Matthew.

Good case study on making parallel HTTP requests, with a driving goal such ad latency of mobile traffic. Felt a bit rushed since the slot was 1 hour long.

Interesting technique, but maybe too muchc time spent explaining the whys instead of the hows.

Anonymous at 09:48 on 17 May 2014

Really cool stuff.

The talk itself is ok, but other speakers put a bit more enthusiasm in their talk. Thanks for sharing some cool tricks though!

The topic was interesting and the contents ok. I would have enjoyed it much more with a more "vibrant" exposition.
BTW hearing from etsy guys is always interesting.

Interesting hints given in the talk, not well explained tough

Interesting stuff, but please bring your passion too :) I know you have as we talked after this talk.
Enjoy your time in Italy!

interesting but missing in enthusiasm

Left in the middle of the talk as it was hard to follow :(

I had great expectations from this talk but I think the pace of the speaker, the slides...I almost fell asleep :)

My suggestion would be to try to be a bit more "active" on the stage, changing topics, pace and tone of your voice. And maybe less slides with simple text...

Come back the next year and rock it!