Moving Away from Legacy code with BDD


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Anonymous at 16:17 on 17 May 2014

Enrico Marongiu at 16:34 on 17 May 2014

Talks that spread knowledge are good
talks that give you new ideas are awesome

An awesome talk

Is beautiful and rare to attend a talk that explains things that you could not find yet in a book.
A lot of inputs.

I would love to see the references at the end of the slides.

Anonymous at 08:29 on 18 May 2014

One of the best talks of the conference. Very inspiring, and you can feel that the author knows deeply what he's talking about. Thank you for sharing these insights - and for creating such important tools!

the full bdd cycle explained in details, really enjoyed it!

great talk full of concept and suggestions. I found many inputs!

Awesome talk and speaker.

Absolutely great talk: it has connected some point I was missing in BDD and the Behat-phpSpec correlation.
Konstantin was very clear and examples well done. Great job.

Really interesting and well presented ideas, one of my favourite talks at the conference.

Anonymous at 20:27 on 18 May 2014

For me, the best talk of phpDay2014. Speaker was fantastic, presentation was great, and the topic has been covered very well. Fantastic job Konstantin.

Anonymous at 21:48 on 18 May 2014

Very clear and understandable talk and yet so inspiring and full of great insights.

Great talk about refactoring legacy code and BDD full cycle in general!

Kudos to you and Marcello for your great talks about all those DD things ;)

Anonymous at 11:17 on 19 May 2014

Great talk!

Quite a bit of information presented, explained REALLY good.

IMHO, one of the best talks!

Anonymous at 16:22 on 30 May 2014