Space-rockets, sub-atomic particles and clouds


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Too much history, too few tech. I was hoping for more examples, and also for how (if?) to use it in your own servers

Anonymous at 18:36 on 17 May 2014

Anonymous at 00:24 on 18 May 2014

interesting content but 30 minutes are not enough. needs more examples

Nice try! The story was well built, so as to engage the audience. The speaker was clearly a bit nervous (or excited about the topic) also because of the little time available. Maybe after a few more replays he will be more fluent.
Of course being the last talk of the conference did not help.
I suggest to add "Openstack" in the topic title and to keep doing this talk in other conferences.

Good idea for a talk, and beautifully crafted story. I agree with Francesco when he says speaker looked a bit nervous at times. Storytelling was hindered when transitions between the philosophic and technical parts were too steep. Last talk of the two conference days, though, so that my rating is probably influenced by attention depletion. With this said, I am sure that with a little bit more of interaction and pace changes (IE "Lorna style"), talk can become a great one, being easily capable of entertaining people despite the adverse scheduling. Keep up with the good work, Jamie!

Anonymous at 21:54 on 18 May 2014

I liked the fact that this talk was quite different than the others. Telling a good story. However, the speaker was a bit nervous, and the long pauses in the speech were distracting, interrupting the flow. I would add just a few more technical details, and try to relax a bit more. It will make be a much more inspiring and entertaining speech.

Enjoyed the talk overall, however face your audience, stop looking round at the slides behind you - read from your laptop instead! Story telling was a good move for such a short time slot, however agree with others that it was hard to concentrate on the step changes between story/technical - perhaps it was just end of conference syndrome though ;)