Web application: tech from startup to enterprise


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Anonymous at 16:59 on 17 May 2014

Anonymous at 17:01 on 17 May 2014

Good talk

Anonymous at 17:11 on 17 May 2014

Real experiences are always interesting, especially surprised with seasonal data.

Anonymous at 18:46 on 17 May 2014

A good (real life) talk.

Good talk!
More real-world numbers couldn't hurt.

Anonymous at 08:30 on 18 May 2014

Miro is my hero!

Anonymous at 20:28 on 18 May 2014

Anonymous at 23:23 on 18 May 2014

Very good presentation of real world growth and challenges along the way.
Wish you could squeeze in a bit more of real world examples: concrete problems and solutions.

Miro is my hero too. :)

Stage fright was close to zero. ;)

njuskalo.hr FTW =)

Really interesting case history

Anonymous at 13:53 on 19 May 2014

Really good as a first international talk

A really good case study.

The talk was very clear and understandable and I liked both the content and the exposition: Miro gave me some new good ideas and confirmations.