Talk comments

Salvo Bonanno at 12:08 on 14 Jun 2021

I've to be honest, this was most awaited talk to me, and my expectations was definitively satisfied!
I've always thinked that making own data structs for business purposes is the right way against ubuquitous associative arrays in PHP, in fact Collections are one of my most used features when I use frameworks like Laravel (and you can easily customize them).

However, i've to join with other complaints about a REALLY bad audio :-(

Salvo Bonanno at 20:00 on 13 Jun 2021

Vero intresting and well presented, looking forward to see some of the se new features in the forthcoming release (especially Fibers)

Gene Surov at 17:42 on 9 Jun 2021

Unbelievable! phpday 2021 is getting better and better with each talk! An awesome talk. Thanks Sabine! A lot of information to think about. Thank you!

Very useful talk to use when the bug is outside the code ;-)

Very good and rich of solutions, thanks!

Thanks for sharing. Would loove to here your ideas on loose framework coupling

David Mohamed at 16:35 on 9 Jun 2021

Very interesting and lots of good advice. Thanks for everything !

Gene Surov at 16:32 on 9 Jun 2021

Very good and practical talk. A lot of new information. Learned a lot! Thank you, Anna!

Gene Surov at 15:31 on 9 Jun 2021

The best talk on the phpday 2021. Learned a lot!

Gene Surov at 13:07 on 9 Jun 2021

Awesome live demo. Thank you for your great talk Christoph!