Talk comments

I really enjoyed this talk. Stuart was great at interacting with the audience, this made the talk a little more tailored to the group he was talking to.

There were no code examples in the talk - and you obviously needed experience with writing and maintaining mocks in order to get the full benefit of the message, so perhaps a very fast introduction to unit testing would have been useful.

Overall thoroughly enjoyable despite my very limited knowledge on the subject.

Anonymous at 20:31 on 18 Nov 2014

Excellent talk. It was informative and made some great points regarding the pitfalls of mocking.

Interesting talk with quite a bit to think about.

Lots of the talk seemed to be aimed at a realistic mix of unit, integration and acceptance testing. This was practical but I think could have done with some details on the theory/ideal of keeping unit tests only testing your own code and integration tests testing where APIs meet. Obviously this isn't always practical, which is where experience is useful. Where to draw the line between different types of testing is always interesting.

It was quite an advanced topic, which I think put some people off. A quick introduction to bring beginners up-to-speed would have been helpful.

The slides and the delivery themselves were great.