Lightning talk about how to make reviewing process easier by letting
reviewers focus on clue of the change, and not all the minors around
the code - without lowering quality of code itself. Static Code
Analysis is great, but it's not enough - so what's more? Case study of
PHP CS Fixer project.


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Gabriel Caruso at 13:25 on 6 Sep 2019

Congratulations on the talk Dariusz.

The study case of PHP-CS-Fixer was very interesting. For sure I'll look into some of the ideas you present during the talk, they will help automate a lot my reviews.

One little thing about the slides: consider bigger fonts for the code part, maybe people sitting in the back might be difficult to read.

Piotr Piegza at 13:26 on 6 Sep 2019

Greta job

Andrew Longosz at 13:20 on 7 Sep 2019

Great talk and great discussion about BC on rules and rule sets in PHP-CS-Fixer afterwards.

Very inspiring talk!