Talk comments

Michael Heap at 18:58 on 10 Feb 2017

Copied from the FOSDEM feedback platform:

Audience's existing knowledge 50.0 2
Topic importance 80.0 2
Content quality 100.0 2
Presentation quality 100.0 2
Audience involvement 100.0 2

"Good pace, nice examples, interesting suggestions and software, readable slides and easy to follow"

"This is one of the most inspiring talks I've seen about PHP during all my years (close to 10 now) as a PHP-developer."

The speaker is not really engaging for the audience. Lack of rythm, a lot of "humm", some slides were "unattended by the speaker".

Some of the examples were just bad practices! In your example with cars and Colors: your test is not validating the principle of single block of code to be tested. When your test is failing is it the method paint or getColor that is failing?

You don't make a difference between a stub and a mock.

Seriously, mock is for bad/existing code? Mock is for solving dependency injection issues with testing. Is DI wrong according to you?

Nice introduction to using specifications. I'll sure take a look at RulerZ to see if I can use it in my next Symfony project.