What To Expect From PHP7


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Anonymous at 10:48 on 23 Aug 2015

Awesome (as ever (-; ) overview of the new features and gotchas of PHP7. And thanks for a bunch of links to further resources.

Michael Csáki at 11:03 on 23 Aug 2015

very good overview on what to expect, what to look forward to and what to be careful with regarding migration. i enjoyed the talk alot.

It was absolutely awesome to follow on of your talks live for the first time. You have such a talent in teaching and helping people. You explained the new features of PHP 7 in such a way the i updated my travis.yml in my OSS project to test on 7.0 now. I am really looking forward to write my first type hints in production. Thanks a lot for attending at the FrOSCon.

Nice overview of the good news about PHP7 and what to expect. Especially the further reaching resources are something that is really interesting.