"Every outage is like a murder mystery" is a common complaint. But it doesn't have to be! This talk gives an overview on how to monitor PHP applications from all possible sides. We dive into: * System metrics: Keep track of network traffic and system load. * Application metrics: Gather metrics of nginx or Apache, php-fpm, and MySQL. * Application logs: Collect logs in a structured format or parse them to extract all the relevant information. * Uptime monitoring: Ping services and actively monitor their availability and response time. And we will do all of that live since it is so easy and much more interactive that way.


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Philipp is always impressive. Next time I would like to see a talk about using Elasticsearch effectively in applications (i.e. internal search engines, user stats, creating reports using app data etc.)

Ekin H. Bayar at 23:25 on 30 May 2018

It was a great presentation that dived into making good use of monitoring tools and metrics with a live demonstration. Thanks for introducing me to elastic stack and other useful tools out there I can make use of.