I'm a gamer, and some of my favourite articles to read about computer games are those click-bait posts that read "Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing Pac-Man!". When you're playing computer games, it's easy to miss things that are obvious to others, and these posts can help you to understand a simple game mechanic that you'd otherwise have not used. It got me thinking about the things in my own career that I found out about too late, or didn't fully understand until much later than I needed it. We'll cover both the technical and the conversational, so join me, as I introduce you to Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing "Developer".


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Great keynote. Thanks Gary for sharing his experiences.

Ekin H. Bayar at 12:04 on 26 May 2018

It was a great opening keynote, I enjoyed listening the entire talk. Yay for referencing cool games in the slides :) Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.