Talk comments

It was a good talk, extra points for the small practical examples breaking sections of the presentation, those make the talk solid and easy to follow.

Overall the talk was good, looking over vagrant as a tool to manage VMs and presented some provisioning tools and focused on puppet. This focus on puppet probabbly should have been reflected in the talk title as it was roughly half the talk.

The bad:
What is vagrant should have been introduced earlier, as some attendees who don't know about vagrant are being presented with vagrant before the speaker has said what vagrant is.

The good:
The slides were pleasent to the sight and were done with care to address attendee, as they were easy to read & follow.
The speaker was calm and funny delivering the talk and ended with a healthy Q&A.

Bonus points for on the spot walkthrough demos of vagrant + puppet and tips for distributed development workflow.

Very good and pointfull talk.
Good for all levels of audience, not too technical, quite educational.
I could use some more of it...

Way too technical for me. But since most of the audience ranks clearly quite higher than me in IT, I really could not ask for a lower level presentation. Good geek stuff, good effort and an overall approval from the audience, I guess.
As a side note, you should consider that the meetups will hardly be largelly attended in the long run if the speakers get technical beyond the average programmer. You will want more students there, people that use other languages, that are not familiar or unwilling to use the unix shell, etc, etc ...
I know that this may sound heretic to you, but you need to be aware that if all presentations were as technical as yours, you would soon be having only 'la creme de la creme' as an audience.
Anyway, I'll be knocking on your door if I ever feel the need to keep my VM's on a short leach.

Replying to 14.Jun.2013 at 09:46 comment: That was not the feedback I had, and no one at the end when I asked if eveyone understood the purpose of vagrant, no one raised his hand. So I guess if you was there you should raised your hand and I would explain it to you in 10 seconds again ;)

Anonymous at 10:49 on 14 Jun 2013

Not a focused talk, and the examples were also not the best.

Anonymous at 10:46 on 14 Jun 2013

An ok talk, but I feel people did not leave understanding why vagrant can really help them.

I enjoyed this talk. Very good points approached. Didn't know about the tools and definitely all the talk had a good impact on me and my work. Thank you!

I thought this subject was a bit complex for me but it was a really nice talk and it was very well explained. I liked how the slides were made, lots of them but short and direct.