Talk comments

That was an excellent talk.

It wasn't just on Slim, but APIs, so touched on http and everything surrounding the topic.
Some great pointers on API architecture, error handling and so much more!

Once again, a huge thanks to Rob for coming over to our fist meeting and *throwing* all that knowledge to our direction [202] :)

Great Talk , particularly liked the mediatype and versioning information covered in the talk, actually felt it would benefit from more Slim specific content, but not sure how you could fit that into the time. Felt reassured I am on the way to being a 'good api citizien' but lots to learn and I certainly learnt from this thanks Rob.

Anonymous at 21:57 on 17 Dec 2015

Outstanding. The first time I've caught Rob in the flesh and it happened to be on the subject of building APIs (something we're about to embark on again) and Slim 3, which appears to have dealt with all of the bits of Slim 2 that I wasn't happy with. Well presented, clear examples and definitely something to learn for everyone. Only other feedback was that a junior who I brought with me didn't recognise the abbreviation "DI" which was mentioned a few times in reference to DI containers, so it may be worth checking that everyone knows what it is if presented again. Also, great environment for a talk so kudos to JH and PHPMiNDS

Completely sold - not used Slim much in the past, but will be using it for all my APIs in future!