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Great talk :)

A phenomenal keynote. There were some brilliant comments on developers, on the community and on programming in general. I'm looking forward to reviewing the slides, when I can focus on the material as well as the delivery!

Simply brilliant :)

I've seen the keynote a couple of times before, but it is still an excellent keynote and a good reminder.

Funny, engaging and thought provoking. This guys a real english @ircmaxell - apparently.

Funny, engaging and thought provoking. This guys a real english @ircmaxell - apparently.

First time I'd seen this talk and very glad I did - funny, provocative and informative.

Excellent talk, and just the right note to leave a fantastic conference on.

Rowan never fails to grasp onto an audience. The content, tidbits, and slideshow was amusing, quite funny, and informative at the same time. To pull something like this off well requires a great deal of skill, and Rowan pulled it off perfectly. A great end to a great conference.

Great closing talk from Rowan, interesting insights into the world of development.

Perfect talk to end the conference. Interesting, funny and educational. Thanks.

An ending keynote as an ending keynote should be.

Very, like Rowan always is :-)

Very informative, entertaining and exceedingly enjoyable.

Rich Sage at 17:59 on 6 Oct 2013

Loved this! Superb keynote to round off a superb conference.

Rowen you're an epic speaker. Incredibly inspiring and though provoking with a dash of humour - excellent!

Could not have asked for anything more.

Brilliant, worth the entry fee alone. It was funny, insightful, engaging, never patronising and a great conclusion to the conference.

Awesome keynote talk, very funny and enjoyable. Rowan is a very good speaker.

perfect ending to a great conference.

the topic was light hearted, delivered with enough humour to keep the audience entertained and with a useful message behind it to help.

Nailed it! Again!

Great way to finish another excellent conference. Talks were all of a very high standard this year and this one only highlighted that fact more. Funny and engaging with some genuinely useful advise and plenty to take away.

Perfect choice of making this awesome talk the closing keynote!

Good humour with plenty of references on stuff to think about.

I saw one of Rowan's earliest talks. Its not fair that someone can become such an awesome speaker so quickly. Fantastic talk!

Easily the best talk at the conference.
Rowan has always been an entertaining and engaging speaker and I think this is probably my favourite out of all the talks I've seen him give so far.

It has just the right mix of information balanced with humour and all backed up with great slides.

The only thing I would say, that I know you've had issue with in the past, is that using the back backgrounds can cause trouble with readability with the projectors. So the code sample was virtually impossible to read even from right at the front

I already seen this talk at WhiskyWeb and don't regret seeing it twice, you definitely pick different things up the second time around. It has all the ingredients to be amazing. I give it a 6 star rating :)

Great talk, really well delivered.

Absolutely brilliant talk. Well refined and stuck to a great recurring theme.

Very good talk, well delivered. The Rowan style. That can never disappoint. Some really good pointers about things that matter the most for a developer - even that well seasoned. Very good keynote Rowan. Well done!

Best talk of the conference.

Awesome sauce! I've seen this talk before at PHPNE, it was good then but was great this time round! A great memorable finish to a great conference.

6 out of 5

I thought this was my first time seeing this talk, but when I saw the slides I knew it wasn't. Nevertheless it is still very good to see again. You are a natural speaking. Made us laugh and it was really like you were just talking to us in the bar or something. Great to have you at CodeConnexx :)

Possibly the best speaker at the whole of PHPNW13.
Talks to the audience not at them.
Funny moments kept the talk flowing nicely.
Good luck in your future with Google down south!

Brilliant closing to the conference. A confident talk with great humour

An excellent keynote and a perfect way to end the conference. Many of the ideas were simple, but they were adapted and aimed at a technical audience, whilst being accessible enough for everyone. Very well written with the right balance between humour and serious content. The material was delivered very naturally and confidently by an engaging speaker who held the audience's attention throughout. Brilliant.

Really enjoyable talk and a great way to end the conference.

Absolutely amazing from start to finish. A great talk to end the conference with.

Rowan has a knack for delivering fantastic talks like this one. Very enjoyable, entertaining and thought provoking.

Also full of kickass geek culture references and awesome graphics.

The perfect way to wrap up another excellent PHPNW conference! Thanks Rowan.

A great way to end the conference and highlighted some genuine points. Rowan's delivery was perfect and the concept of the Dr Frankenstein's Developer promoted audience participation.

Very good talk - very funny, really charismatic guy and some good points hidden amongst the laughter. Really enjoyed this one, great one to end on!

This was a really well delivered and entertaining talk. There was a serious topic hidden in there somewhere though, and it was a perfect note on which to end the conference.