Cyber Security


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Relatively dry talk for a Sunday morning.

Anonymous at 10:41 on 6 Oct 2013

A very academic lecture without any real substance. Speaker however shows a lot of experience in speaking and is very natural.

Very dry talk, more like a lecture. Subject material was interesting though

Interesting insight to the wider cyber sec industry. Would like to see content more relevant to web devs e.g. pen testing rather than DDOS.

Anonymous at 15:43 on 6 Oct 2013

Good speaker, well presented but the talk missed a clear point. It was almost a collection of interesting anecdotes or war stories. They were very entertaining and not every talk has to be practical but this could have used more focus. Some good info on government grants at the end. The slides could definitely use some work but the speaker was wonderfully dry and very natural.

Good topic, good speaker, just needs more focus.

I concur, quite a dry talk and hard to follow due to the poor audio (back of the room at least, not that the speaker can do anything about that). As a non-Brit, you probably don't know what all the agencies do he refered to.

Nontheless still interesting in the light of recent events like Snowden.

Good overview of the subject, perhaps a little dry, but well presented.

most of the talk was spent talking about a wide range of problems.

I think this talk would have actually benefitted from some website security cases being shown and the solutions to the problems shown.

Anonymous at 11:59 on 7 Oct 2013

Incongruous for a PHP conference (no code, even though the speaker teaches PHP), but interesting in itself. We would have benefitted more from being offered solutions to the problems presented instead of simply being scared away from putting anything online or having a smart meter fitted.

Still, the central message appeared to be "get involved in security, it's important" and that can't be a bad thing.

As per some of the previous comments, seemed more of an academic lecture/talk. Think it would have been better if focussed more on PHP and what developers can do with their code to make it more secure.

A good collection of news items, anecdotes, problems and attack vectors, but with only a few non-committal conclusions near to the end. Unless the point was that there was no solutions or funding available? Needed a little more focus on the solutions rather than the problems, but quite a good talk.

While the talk might have been a bit dry and university lecure-ish, I thought there were some really good points in there. Could possibly have been scheduled at a better time and also have had some specific examples to PHP in there. Would definitely like to take a look at the slides again so hopefully they'll be made available

The talk did remind me of being back in University a little. A bit more detail about topics would have made it a bit more interesting I think, though I understand that some things can't be talked about. The info about government funding was interesting.

Nevertheless, talks about security are always good to remind everyone of the problems with not caring about security.

Was an interesting talk with some interesting revelations. It was a bit of a break from PHP for a session, but I'm not sure if that was good or bad thing - it is good to widen out knowledge, but then we missed out on some PHP learning.