Debugging HTTP


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Very interesting topic. Initially during the first 10 minutes I was a bit like "oh noes, been there, done that" but then she presented some new stuff. Lorna is excellent at presenting the stuff and does it in a clear fashion. Lorna also has the power to keep the listener awake.

I was initially worried that it would be a bit basic but still learnt a few things and it validated what I already did know. Well worth it.

I loved the pre-recorded video demo format. It meant that she could annotate the examples better than a live demo

As usual, an excellent talk from Lorna. She covered a tool I'd not seen before.

Great talk. Using pre-recorded demos worked brilliantly, and meant there were no messups, but it did mean Lorna was unable to demonstrate a feature that an audience member had asked about (showing the user modified headers in Charles). Otherwise it was a great talk, some of which I knew but I did pick up some new things. She didn't turn the Charles bit into too much of a sales pitch as well :)

Good talk with a reasonable amount of grounding on HTTP.

Would have been nice to have gone a little further into REST than basic CRUD operations. When demostrating a POST request with n number of failures before success, it would have been a perfect opportunity to mention the OPTIONS header for retrieving basic info on what a POST actually requires before running through a number of failed scenarios.

Marked down slightly as she didn't mention the chrome postman extension.

A great informative talk about something that plagues us all at least once in every project. Fabulous insight into some tools we all know, use and love, and some that we may not have heard of (Charles). Probably could have mentioned about other tools which hook into browsers, Chrome Postman, and Chrome's Network tab's "Copy as cURL", but otherwise was a very interesting insight into seeing how other people handle this tedious task.

I did already know quite a lot of this stuff, but it's always interesting to see what tools other people are using (and how they are using them). I did learn quite a few new things.

As for Lorna, she's a really good presenter and is able to bring her talk in a very pleasant way.

Rich Sage at 17:58 on 6 Oct 2013

Enjoyed this, and it was good to learn about just how powerful curl can be for getting straight in there testing requests/responses. Also liked the showcasing of the Python JSON tool, very useful!

An accessible talk and great to learn from.

great talk by a great speaker.

never knew about Charles; will probably end up purchasing this as it helps so much.

Great inspirational talk, I learned a great deal from this one. I was curious though why fiddler wasn't mentioned? Nonetheless I will probably end up buying a license for Charles Proxy ;)

I saw this as a beta talk. I can see the improvement. As usual Lorna gives a great talk. I suspect the early part of the talk may be a little bit low for a crowd like PHP NW. However it describes many very useful tools which some many not know about.

Talk very well delivered with a set of tools I will have to investigate and play with. Some really good stuff I have learnt here. Charles for the win it seems!

Good talk, great content (extremely well prepared), perfectly timed.

Lorna excelled as expected proving to be a truly professional speaker.

The videos showing example usage of curl were particularly well orchestrated - there are too many speakers with the "I can pull it off" attitude who do live demos full of typos and forgetting flags and such. Video makes much more sense. Well done Lorna!

Interesting talk, nice demo videos. Not too simple and not too complex! Nice to see someone else who uses Charles!

Very interesting talk. Very accessible to a noob such as myself. Way to go Lorna...on the talk and the book!

Lorna is a good speaker, she keeps the audience engaged and explains things well.

The curl usage was useful to me, since I haven't in the past tended to use it due to my thoughts on the PHP interface. I usually use the lwp-request command in Linux, but curl could be a useful accomplice. I initially thought Charles proxy would not be useful to me, but actually I can see it being very useful in a mobile environment where you can rewrite requests.

I also agree with a comment I saw above, fiddler might've been worth a mention for Windows users, and for debugging old IE (becoming less of a concern now).

Well presented talk. Although I was familiar with Wireshark, I still got to see a new use for it parsing netstat output. The demo videos worked well and were a neat way of presenting the appearance of a live demo whilst continuing to engage the audience and avoiding the usual live demo technical failures.