The Big 'Why equal doesn't equal' Quiz


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This was a fantastic eye-opening quiz that was both engaging and informative whist remaining fun. I am so going to steal some of Juliettes questions for my interview process when hiring a new dev.

For the record I scored 24

My head hurts! A wonderfully engaging talk delivered very well.

My only suggestion would be to reduce the number of questions to, maybe, 10.

Other than that, an excellent subject covered expertly.

Really enjoyed this, very eye opening. Shame the room wasn't well suited to it (couldn't see so well at the back so had to rely on the questions being read out).

A real eye opened to just how dangerous type juggling can be. Useful tips which I hope many of us are using already, and some new stuff in there too (for me, anyway). Probably too many questions for my liking - would liked to have spent more time on the "how to dodge the bullets". Speaker was very good and handled the room like a pro.

Learnt a lot from this. Very difficult to get this style of talk to work (i.e. getting score sheets out to everyone, and making sure everyone can read questions, and is ready before moving on to next questions), but I think it worked as well as it could do.

But yes, maybe slightly fewer questions, giving slightly more time to discuss them at the end.

An excellent (and very scary) Quiz! It was interesting to find out some of the intricacies of the language and especially how to best handle floats!

Shame the actual quiz slides are not available.

Mind boggling.
Made me feel like a n00b.
I thought I knew what I was doing, before I did this quiz.

The talk did an excellent job of explaining the mis conceptions you can have as a developer and how easy it is to make silly mistakes that are almost impossible to spot when debugging a problem. And of course all the changes between PHP versions everyone should be aware of.
The quiz format was a great way of making this clear.

Great talk let down by the room layout (poor sight lines).

I'd suggest looking into adjusting the code colouring (variable colour wasn't easy to see at the back).

Anonymous at 15:19 on 7 Oct 2013

Not sure the format worked well enough (maybe ask & answer each one together), but this mostly reminded me that you can't assume anything in PHP.

And that some functions can return a huge variety of things depending on the build version shouldn't have surprised me quite the way it did...

This was one of the most interactive sessions of PHPNW 2013. Apart from the fun of the quiz, got to know about how cruel data comparisons can be in PHP if not paid attention at the installed version. Good job by the speaker!

A really good post lunch talk.

It would have been better if Juliette did not have any important text in the bottom 3rd of the screen as with many heads in front of you, you could not see the bottom of the slides to take the quiz effectively. It might be an idea to have the titles at the bottom of the screen and the question start at the very top.

Other than the mentioned text colour issues that other people have mentioned, this talk was highly entertaining and fun to watch.

The slides link doesn't link to the slides. Does anyone know where they are?

Aaaaaaaaaaagh. I know nothing!

At least that's what I thought while we were marking our answers.

Great presenter who knows what she is talking about.
I came away from the talk understanding the importance of knowing what version of PHP your applications will run on.

Some of the colours used in the slides didn't show up too well on the screen.
A little difficult to hear from the back at times due to the 'excited' crowd of delegates.

An unconvential talk, but the quiz format was a great and fun way of getting the message across. It might've been improved a bit with fewer questions/required answers and a bit more time to give explanations, but the salient information was all there so that's a minor quibble.

Thought it would be just a talk about comparing the easy way. But visiting the talk gave me a big headache and made me feel stupid :D

Afterwards the main thing I keep in mind is that different PHP5 versions can result in different results. Good to know!

Quiz format was a nice change from the typical format of talks, it was a great way of getting across technical content as well getting everyone involved. As has been mentioned in earlier comments, sitting towards the back of the room, it was quite difficult to see the questions.

Thank you all for your enthousiastic and helpful feedback!

Based on the feedback, I've adjusted the variable colour coding in the slides for future use. Thanks @Barry Parkin, @Jenny Wong, @Iain Cuthbertson

I will also try and better adjust the number of questions to the allotted time for talk. Thanks @Phil Kershaw, @John Cleary, @Chris Anstey, @James Shaw

@Jenny Wong, @Steph Cook, @Qasim Ashraf: Unfortunately it's difficult to adjust slides for conference rooms as most of the time speakers don't know in advance in what type of room the talk will be held.

As mentioned in the talk, the slides will not be made available as that would mean I would not be able to use the same questions again in future versions of this talk. However the video of the complete *will* be made available through the PHPNW website. Hope that helps ;-) @Antonios Pavlakis, @Jenny Wong