Vertical reusability through components


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Volker is an entertaining speaker, I like his style of speaking. The talk was an interesting insight into a nice alternative to a traditional MVC structure. The screencast demo bits were a bit too quick to follow I think, but apart from that, was good.

good talk to start of the day.

Ha! Very entertaining and useful.

Volker is an entertaining speaker, with a good manner that makes him easy listening even while he's presenting complex topics, and was presenting an intriguing case study; but it felt a bit like an easy start to the morning... perhaps not enough meat in the content, or perhaps it just lacked some of the passion I've seen in him when speaking about other topics

I really enjoyed this. I can't decide whether more detail would have been helpful or just mind-bending (first thing Sunday morning). I'm also not sure whether it would have benefitted from some overview of how the js/css is structured (I know it's a php conf!) to get the full picture.

Really insightful talk into how to build a website out of reusable bits of code. A great talk, especially in the "hangover slot" on a Sunday morning!

I'd seen the talk before and liked it again the second time. That should speak for itself really.

Volker does it again. Great talk, informative and very entertaining

Really entertaining talk with some very interesting concepts, certainly something I'm going to have to look into in more detail.

I liked this talk even though I don't really have much use for it. Entertaining with lots of info.

I would suggest that you work on your opening. Today's was basically 3 minutes of rambling about nothing and you would really want to use the first 3 minutes to open with a bang. Explain what you are going to teach and use it to get the audience to want to listen to the other 47 minutes. Introducing yourself comes after that and explain why you are the person that is the expert and the audience should trust you.

interesting topic.

would possibly have benefited from seeing more code to understand how it worked.

Great for a sunday after morning :D

Great talk, great concept of loading the main components of the page first and then loading the others in afterwards

A great talk to start to the day, the hangover slot is always tricky!
I need to go over the slides again to make sure my coffee deficient brain did actually manage to keep up with everything. But it's always interesting to see the alternative approaches that people use, some good food for thought.

Entertaining talk; I enjoyed Volkers sense of understatement a lot.
Nice to see a different (to MVC) architectural approach and have it explained in detail.

Inspired way of working.

Reminded me very much of a CMS I used to work on so it was good to see that other people have implemented similar solutions.

Very useful, engaging and entertaining speaker. Great idea and way of working.

Always love hearing Volker speak. Personally not as useful to me as his talk from the previous day but still enjoyable.

Great talk and Volker was as entertaining as the previous day. The topic was interesting although maybe I was a little too fuzzy headed after the social to really grok everything. I'll definitely be re-watching once the videos are up.


Yet another entertaining talk with a new approach to a typical web app,a and perhaps the most interesting of the weekend. Well explained and filled with Volker's ever-present humour.

Another great one from Volker - the fact that he managed to keep me attentive at 9am on a Sunday morning after some fairly heavy drinking the night before is very impressive!

Did well with the hangover session :) Interesting topic, but not sure I fully understood everything due to the early morning, or maybe more detail was required. If I can see the slides again I can probably provide better feedback.