Catching Opportunities with Open Source


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Interesting talk... It seemed like a lot of it was "Ooh I remember this time" which got a bit confusing towards the end when christian was about to move back, but didn't, I liked the way you switched attention by moving on the screen, and there were some good points to the talk, overall well done.

The talk was okay but there were times where it got a bit tedious

Community is more then leveraging the good and brave. It is a state of mind that requires free will of people to want to participate. I was missing this bit a little.

Otherwise good concept of bringing the message.

Great dual talk, I enjoyed it greatly (though for me it was preaching to the choir it was still nice to hear).

Good talk, and hopefully more people will take away the idea that the community interaction doesn't stop when the conference finishes.

I really enjoyed this as a break from some of the more technical talks.

Anonymous at 20:20 on 6 Oct 2012

Great talk but i think such topic can use some humor to make it more engaging

Guys, good talk although I felt it was a little like watching a tag team when you kept switching places :o)

Speakers obviously had the experience to do this talk, and they made good points about how involvement would benefit the individual. It certainly made me ask myself questions about my own involvement.

I would have liked more information on what businesses could do to monetise involvement in open source projects. I didn't get much from it in that regard other than businesses "can be the good guy" and share their code. Businesses need to make money to survive. Selectively/strategically open sourcing only certain things was covered, but there must be more than that?

A little bit too chatty/anecdotal/reminiscent in places, but at the end I was able to walk away with ideas about self-improvement, which is a win in my book.

It had its interesting parts, but it sometimes felt a bit like a wander down Memory Lane. It was nice to have something non-technical to allow my brain to recover though. I hope to get more deeply involved in open source projects in future! ☺

Anonymous at 11:40 on 7 Oct 2012

Great talk, enjoyed your stage personas and made me think more about open source and the advantages of it. Will turn some of my personal projects into open source in near future.

Anonymous at 18:42 on 7 Oct 2012

Lovely guys and the "tag team" style was refreshing and kept me awake!

I think one of the only things not mentioned was how to make your open sourced project *more* attractive to the community and how to get people interested in it and working on it. We aren't all as lucky as the speakers with people coming into our projects!

Something else not mentions - and perhaps this is my own cynical opinion - is that a lot of big corporations nowadays seems to be open sourcing somewhat arbitrarily and just jumping on the band wagon. I wonder what they think about that?

Thanks for the ideas and motivation guys!

Anonymous at 10:45 on 8 Oct 2012

Very nice and easy to follow presentation.

The talk was really informative make me regret not getting involved with the open source community earlier. The back and forth between the two speakers became a little tedious to the end but the actual content of the talk was top rate.

A well presented and enjoyable talk. Having two speakers could have got messy, especially as they switched quite often, but there was a good flow. The slides did their job and didn't get in the way.

Good insight into how open source can filter through to all parts of the community, and why none of us have an excuse for not being involved (me included). The paired presenting worked well, and while the simple slides worked well in not distracting from the talk content, it would be nice to have some to refer back to now.

This talk would hit the spot as a key note for a conference. To make it better and more interesting switch some of the "in principle" stuff to actual real life examples.

A good 'tag team' talk that was engaging and inspirational. As previously mentioned by other commenters, the content is not going to be new to many of the audience, but it served its purpose as a pep talk to inspire me to become more involved in the community.

Anonymous at 11:39 on 9 Oct 2012

Very good talk. I would prefer more examples of how you can actually contribute to open source though.

For a while now I've wanted to get involved in some open source projects, but not quite known were to start.
A great overview of how to get started for newbies such as myself, but also really informative with regards to the benefits of getting involved for those who might have been a bit sceptical.

A really good talk which has inspired me to get involved!

This talk was really enjoyable and motivating. Really good use of switching the speaker too, it kept attention up.

Very motivating talk about open source/the community. Definitely inspired me to try harder and get more involved.

I liked the presentation style, the slides were great and you guys played nicely off each other.
I'll admit I only attended as they ran out of space in track 3, so perhaps it's a little unfair of me to say that I wasn't as inspired as I might have hoped (I had mentally prepared for the other technical talk). But I guess you are also preaching to choir which is why I felt there wasn't really anything new here.

Perhaps some more examples of how to contribute to open source might have helped, or clear examples of the tangible benefits to businesses who open source their code, as it felt a bit too vague and anecdotal at times

I liked the "tag team" style - the change of voice works well to keep the listener's attention. I'm sure it's good from the speakers' confidence to have another person on stage. I'll bear this in mind the next time I present.

As for the content I guess I'm pretty much sold on the open source concept already but I'll try to do better at boosting my presence in forums, blog more and leave feedback for others.

I liked the anecdotes!