Lithium – The framework that contains the best of all worlds


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Nice in depth code examples but too much content for the time given and at points richard struggled to dissect his own code to explain to us

Lots of detail and code examples, but had to miss out a chunk due to time. Did convince me to check out Lithium though.

Anonymous at 11:46 on 7 Oct 2012

I felt a little disappointed by this talk - 20 minutes in and we hadn't even talked about Lithium, initially it was a talk about frameworks in general. I think I would have taken more away from it if it had been either a more in depth overview of the framework, or a fast paced rapid build of something simple.

I really like Li3 and I know that Richard is absolutely fanatical about it. If I could suggest anything it would be to jump straight into the code and let it speak for itself (it's really really good code), some developers will get it, some wont. And perhaps spend time, showing where Li3 is different from Symfony, Zend etc, not where it can do the same things. Perhaps show its Mongo capabilities and its ability to behave as a micro framework and how it can scale to full stack.

I was too a bit disappointed. It didn't look like you were prepared as much as you could or maybe you were too nervous? I felt it was your first talk ever at a conference.

I would say you'd do better if you gave an overview of the features of the framework and why you say it's the "best of both worlds". You didn't persuade me to check it out unfortunately. I did feel you know your stuff and the framework very well, but maybe due to that it was a bit too in-depth for me. You should probably loose most of the code that was on the slides.

Also, the colors weren't very readable due to the contrast of the beamer (which is not your fault entirely, but it is something to keep in mind next time).

However, you are a good speaker, so don't let this experience get you down. There is just a lot to learn and improve :)

As a CakePHP dev I was more interested in seeing how Li3 had developed from the Cake codebase. While the content was presented well, I feel it tried to cover too many bases. Half the talk would have been better as an Introduction to Frameworks talk.

What technical data / code there was, was useful to me.

I was really interested by the Lithium part of the talk, but I think that the frameworks introduction was out of place. That combined with the late start (mic issues) caused the end to be skipped over, but it was still enough to get me very interested in some of Lithium's ideas. Filters especially are something I will have to look into in more detail.

I've been using lithium for a while and was interested to hear if there were any parts I missed or was using wrong. Glad I didn't find any during the talk ;)
Well presented, although I agree the introduction could be a bit shorter so there is more time for in-depth lithium.