Mastering PHP Data Structure 102


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Patrick seriously knows his stuff. Very informative talk. However looking at (unfortunately barely visible) code all the time can be tiring. Spicing it up a bit could have made this a 5 star rating easily. Keep up the good work!

Very knowledgeable.

Hard to read some the screens due to choice of colours

Nice talk, good quality information.

A lot of data to grasp. The talk is kind of a list of ways to NOT use array's and why arrays are not really arrays. Personally i fear that 10 min after the talk i will have lost more than half of what you said. Though the statements you made are clear, the sheets that are barely readable and full off code make my mind fuzzy.
Next time some less code examples and slower pace would reach a bigger audience an make ppl remember.

Would love to have some benchmarks or something to prove why some functions are not to be used.

Very knowledgeable speaker and informative talk, too bad the colour choice for code examples in the slides made the code examples unreadable

The presentation colours worked well in Antwerp, Paris, Verona and London, but here I have to admit it was a real mess reading the screen and this is really a bad thing! Sorry dear attendees for this dummy error. I'm going to fix that for next time, using high contrast colors.

@Marcel This is an advanced and in depth course, hence the "102". Slowing down the pace and skipping the last couple of data types would have made this talk a bit too basic ("101") IMO.

So true Patrick. Didn't meant it was bad! enjoyed it very much.
My rating is a mistake. Should be 4/5 but edit seems to be broken.

Enjoyed it a lot.

Best talk of the day for me. Illuminated some practises I need to adopt and some I need to stop doing. Colours could have been better but as I sat up front this didn't effect me.

Excellent talk delivered at an appropriate level. Really enjoyed.

For me this served as reinforcement that the SLP does indeed provide some seriously cool tools when dealing with data structures. Most of these I had read up on when SPL was announced but completely forgot about in that time.

The only downside though was the resolution / quality of the screen which meant parts of the presentation where not readable but Patrick coped with this well and covered off the core elements nicely.

Anonymous at 18:37 on 7 Oct 2012

Not his fault, but the code snippet slides were 70% illegible! Rob Allen's code snippet slides, for example, were beautiful.

Far, far too much material for a 50 minute talk. Consider chopping it up into two separate talks. For example "Advanced data structures in SPL" and "How (not) to use PHP arrays".

It would also have been nice to have more real-world examples of common end user - or even developer - problems that the data types can solve.

good examples and well explained, but i think there was a little too much content for the time

Anonymous at 07:16 on 8 Oct 2012

Too much of Information to grasp and code snippets were upto mark.

But got a good insight of Datastructure and more informative on the lines of how Datastructures could solve a problem...

Good talk! As many have noted, the slides were ineligible at times, but I think Patrick managed to present the topic in a very informative way.

Good talk/refresher on some standard data structures. Real shame about the projector/slide colours but it didn't detract too much from getting the concepts across. Lots and lots of information, not sure if that's a good or bad thing. I definitely came away with the intention of reviewing my use of standard PHP arrays...

This kind of talk would always be very technical, but it did also come across as quite dry for sections of it. A great insight into the underlying layers of arrays and SPL functions, and I personally would have benefited from some real-world examples of where and when to use these techniques.

Good talk on a topic I hadn't given much consideration before, I got kinda lost at around the bloomFilter mark though this is due to my own exposure level. Got enough quality information to start making some positive changes to my code, but will definitely need to do some further reading on the topic...

Good talk overall, what I'd have liked to see would be some real-world metrics comparing performance of some of the datastructures discussed with an implementation based on arrays. I think this could have given a clearer idea of when it would be worth using a more tailored data structure. It was unfortunate that the slides were hard to read, but not much the speaker could do about it - I don't think the bright spotlights shining on the screen helped!

Anonymous at 11:40 on 9 Oct 2012

Interesting talk and the speaker had a lot of knowledge on the subject. There were a lot of problems with the colours on the slides making them difficult to read, making some examples hard to understand. Also, I would prefer some real-life examples of the usage of some data structures since the examples where quite theoretical and more suitable for an academic conference.

I enjoyed much of this talk and I see others have already commented on minor issues such as the code example colours. I'd say the first two thirds of the talk went well but the last third dragged a little because you were repeating the same format of Array vs SPL for each different data type which prob. wasn't really needed. I'd have liked to see some real-world examples of where the data structures can be applied in code (you did a great job explaining the types of structures using real-world examples) and the benefits other than optimisation that you can gain through using them correctly (code readability? generalisation of a problem by thinking about it differently? etc.). A lot of work seems to have gone into the SPL but most developers maybe don't see how they can gain real benefits from it and I don't believe your talk tackled that issue.

Great talk apart from the aforementioned issues with the slides. A real world example would have been useful especially with stats on memory usage. I'm looking forward to reading the slides again and trying some of the techniques describes.

Also, thanks for introducing me to APM. It's already helped me debug a tricky bug on one of my sites.

Good talk by Patrick,

Mentioned some data structures which I've never heard of so I took plenty of notes so I can research them another time. He did go into use cases for these sorts of data structures and more importantly when not to use arrays (I have been guilty of some of the don'ts in this talk).

It was very difficult to see the code samples so it did get difficult to follow along.

An interesting talk covering a lot of material, sadly let down by the projectors dislike of the contrast on the slides. Luckily I was close to the front so didn't miss out too much!

The presentation style was good with some nice clear, if simple, examples. I learnt a lot but I'll need to review the slides a few times to familiarise myself more with the concepts in order to translate them into real world scenarios.

Code wasn't very readable, and I had a expected a different direction; the talk was mainly about implementation of primitive types, I expected more compound types. Nevertheless, quite a good talk and well presented.