PhpDocumentor : your source matters


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Not the most exciting of talks, but informative, I learnt some new things, so worth going to.

A decent intro to using phpdocumentor for those who haven't used it before, but a little light-weight for those of us that already use it. Good as a demonstration from tagging the code, through building the dcos to reading the docs... but IDE output wasn't easily readable when projected to the big screen

I got an urge to do more documentation on my own projects as well as for the projects at my work. The output of phpDocumentor seems to look really nice and pleasure to read.

I agree on the screen, white background with gray notations didn't really work that well.

It is good to see that phpDocumentor is still alive, or rather, alive again. I think the live coding/documenting first, and then showing how the tool worked was a good idea. However, if you do live coding, you really need to make sure to have your screen/IDE setup to have a larger font, and a lot more contrasting. I often even go as far as turning off colours altogether.

Good overview of phpDocumentor and it was good to hear some of the new ideas around what is coming up now it has been resurrected. A couple people I know attended that had never really bothered documenting before and now they have a renewed feeling about why I insist on it, so thanks :)

PHPStorm looked pretty interesting but as mentioned the colour scheme could have done with a slight tweak (could have been the projector setup though).

I've started commenting with the intention of using phpDocumentor and this was exactly what I was hoping for, a good guide to where to start and how to do things properly from the beginning.
(I also agree that PHPStorm is great!)

Not the most engaging of talks but I did learn good practices for producing documentation explaining why things are done more than that is being done if the code is obvious.

There's not much to say that hasn't been said already so just going to go +1 on Dericks comment ;)

Thanks Mike for using ProTalk ( as a live example! I really enjoyed your talk and you inspired me to do better at documenting my code. Would have been great if you setup the IDE up front and therefore you would have had more time to show more advanced / unknown docblock tags. However, I still picked up on a few things and it was great to see the improvements in the phpdocumentor interface once the documentation is generated.

This is an under-rated topic, developer really need to start picking up on documentation more and more and care further for those details. I really liked the overall idea of showing things on a concrete example and then showing the results.

Delivery however lacked a few things. Preparation is very important, issues like font size, theme colors should really be tested before hand or at least you should know how to quickly fix them. (the projector did not help also). I think a little more structure would be better to keep everyone on schedule, it could all be done on slides, at least as a backup.

Overall a great topic and important one to be approached.

Great intro to PHPDocumentor, but didn't really cover anything I didn't already know. I think it's an important topic, but felt I didn't get much new knowledge from the session. That said, the talk was well presented & engaging.

Thanks for this discussion. Recapped my memory on some points and taught me things I didn't know. Also, PHPStorm looks like an awesome IDE, may have to give it a go.

Would reiterate the point about colours on the projector. I'm sure the speaker is all too aware of that!

May well make me rethink my current approach of minimal documentation!

The IDE was a little difficult to read, but it was perhaps my own fault for sitting near the back. Otherwise an interesting talk, and what better way to learn more about PhpDocumentor than to watch some live documenting?