Recognizing smelly code


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Excellent talk, very clear and to the point. Harrie seemed very knowledgeable and passionate in this subject.

Harrie presented very well and provided clear and concise examples of smelly code and how it could be improved; the subject an be quite dry but he managed to infuse the talk with some humour and good references and quotes and he covered SOLID, an acronym I'd not heard before.
I could easily see how his talk could lead to an introduction on Object Calisthenics.

Anonymous at 09:27 on 8 Oct 2012

Very good presentation. To the point. Very informative.

Excellent talks with great points, now that I'm back to work on monday morning, I already changed a few things.... Thanks <3

Great talk Harrie. Try to loose the "uh" but the structure of your talk was very good. Slides were informative and the whole talk inspired me to do better :). I knew most of the stuff but sometimes it's good to be reminded and this talk was great for that. Thanks!

Good talking covering lots of pitfalls and problem areas. One key point for me was the use of "new()". Never thought of the possible effects it could have for code reuse. Time to go back through some old source and do some inspection.

Fantastic, I learnt a lot and was practical rather than theoretical.

Well delivered talk, good slides and glad to see SOLID mentioned. Made constructing readable, maintainable code seem simple with things to look out for (smells) on the one slide and tips on setting your own coding complexity guidelines as well as sharing his. In my case it mainly served to reinforce knowledge I had already gained on the topic (I really wish I'd seen this talk before researching the topic myself as it was much more concise and to the point).

Very good interesting talk and I took a lot from it. As a long time developer, some of the practices seemed inefficient and verbose, but I have to accept that the days of obsessive micro-optimisation are gone. Welcome to the days of obsessive code cleanliness! CPU cycles are much cheaper now than developer cycles, so code maintainability is rightfully today's belle of the ball.

Great talk, well aligned with topics i preach myself, really valuable to any developer who open sources code or works with a team.

I think the response to previos feedback affected a nice rounded talk, i would remove the tooling and really stick to the principle of the talk being able to make you identify these issues without need of tools. Also i would work SOLID into the talk with more of a "this is equivalent to the S in SOLID" way, so that it gives context.

Great job.

Really good to hear these principles at a conference. A lot of developers should already be familiar with most of the practises Harrie talked about, but hearing others talking about it pushed it back to the front of my mind when I got back to work. Hearing these talks on a regular basis keeps us doing it the right way. I will enjoy going back over the slides and will try to be Bob!

A great talk to remind us all of best practices and what we should be remembering when we write and review code.
It was a well structured and presented talk, and Harrie clearly knows and is passionate about his subject.

Good talk, thanks. Judging by the questions, I think some people were confused by the warning about use of new() but that is a fairly minor point. It's good also that you responded to feedback from previous occasions and incorporated it into this talk, even if it overran this time.