Scale and adapt with PHP and Responsive Design - A story of how we're building BBC News


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Excellent talk abouth the real-world hands-on approach to responsive design at the BBC by a speaker who clearly knows what he's talking about and gives enough technical detail to keep the interest of a technically-minded audience.... a lot of the techniques he's talking about are likely to become best practise in the future, so we're getting a view of how the cutting-edge is being defined.

IMO, this has been the best talk of the conference so far.

I agree with everything Mark Baker just said outstanding talk by a great presenter.

Superb talk about real world issues of scale. Excellent to be able to learn from others pain.

Best approch to mid talk hydration issues. Show cat videos. Other talkers can learn from that! We get bored when you pause to drink. Sad but true. Cats FTW.

Very interesting talk, hands on experiences, proficient speaker. More!

A very well presented talk from a good perspective. Very well done.

Felt privileged to see inside the infrastructure of such a massive operation, especially given the frankness and honesty with which John appraised legacy and future difficulties involved. Dealt confidently with interruptions ("is that a bomb?") and kept the content entertaining and lively, and bot just through the use of cat videos.

Great start to a Sunday morning conference, especially when introducing cats :)

I will be very interested to see how some of the technologies and techniques described will impact other projects on the net. Designing responsive systems really does seem to be the future of large-scale application development but could possibly cause smaller projects to become complicated and over-engineered.

Great start to a Sunday morning. I wish it was presented as a keynote as it would have gotten the attention it deserved. Even as a non-UI person, I picked up a few things and I now know it's not as simple as it seems to have a "responsive" design. Instead of Cameron, I'd have picked Boris though as he has a bigger clown factor :-)

Enjoyed it: informative and well presented, also took a lot from it to look at our rwd practices. Got me stoked for the day, and blew my cobwebs off.

Really interesting content, not too heavy for the morning after, and I loved the cat videos <3

Fantastic speaker and excellent delivery.

This changed my approach to development. As has the conference as a whole. This taught me problems are to be tackled head on and they are not to be skirted around or ignored.

great talk/great slides - kept me interested
learned a lot from this

It was interesting to hear how one of the big players does things.

A very good talk. That confirms some guessing and revealed new ones.

Great talk with lots of great examples of personal experience about how to correctly handle displaying your content on a huge variety of devices. It seems we need to re-think some of our implementation of "Responsive" design.

My only criticism would be the pictures of David Cameron. For me at least I didn't enjoy getting my dander up every time his face appeared...

Great talk showed how they faced a problem and worked around it. Gave me a few ideas on how to implement responsive design using javascript to load images to keep the loading time quick across a myriad of devices.

Wow! This has to be one of the best talks I attended, it was nicely presented I learnt a lot, and I had a laugh even though it was early in the morning my attention was there all along as it was just THAT great! Thanks for good information and experienced that taught me a bit how to go about in my everyday work.

A very engaging talk from which I took away a number of notes of ideas I want to look into for future projects / changes.

Was a shame this was on Sunday morning as I think attendance was lower than it would have been if presented on the Saturday.

Well paced and engaging incite into how BBC handles scalable, responsive design/architecture on an on-going basis post web-device explosion. Raised the issue of how important active analysis of how your services are being used is.

Anonymous at 11:45 on 9 Oct 2012

Very nice talk, thanks!

Interesting content, & well presented.

Anonymous at 06:37 on 10 Oct 2012

Great talk! Any chance you'll be adding the slideshow?

Wow! Really fascinating to know how it all worked, and certainly given me a few ideas around improving responsiveness of some of my own sites.

One of the best talks of the conference - very interesting, well delivered.

One of my favourite talks of the weekend.
Lots of humour and good content, finding out how the BBC deals with mobile devices was very interesting

A great talk with some very interesting points and entertaining interludes to keep everyone going that early on a Sunday morning.
John's a great speaker with a confident yet relaxed style, and it was really interesting to here how the BBC have dealt with problems that we are also currently facing at work

Great talk. Good to hear the BBC's perspective on bandwidth, accessibility and a global audience. I made lots of notes, which I'll need to digest at some point.

Liked the cat videos for the water breaks as well.