The State of PHPUnit


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Sorry Volker - It would have been an excellent coverage of the new/changed features in the latest version of PHPUnit if it hadn't tried to squeeze too much material into the slot. There was a lot here that piqued my interest (too much), but I'll need to reference the slides to look at it all my closely and give it all time to sink in.
Perhaps the related libraries such wsunit and mockery could have been dropped from this and covered under a separate topic (again, they're well worth the time and effort), giving more time to look at the the changes to PHPUnit core.

Overall: the material was great, and something every developer should be made aware of for writing their unit tests... so it should affect us all. The new features clear up a lot of existing gripes and deserved more attention. And announcing the new/changed features of such an important development tool is great for letting us know how much work has been done on this release and how it affects us.

Perhaps there should be a thread with 2-hour slots in the future for topics which try to cover this much material; or it would have been better suited to an advanced PHPUnit tutorial.

A very good presentation. The material is slightly dry, but it was presented in a really good way. It was both interesting and informative.

I liked learning on what the current state of PHPUnit is, and was happy to learn the steps they have taken/are taking to provide some often complained about issues: BC breaking and installation.

The talk was well presented, however, it would be good to pick a presentation system where the text actually fits on the slides.

As others have said, a bit fast-paced - but better too much info than too little - can always go back through the slides here - good talk.

While this was a very useful talk, looking back at the abstract it is clear quite how much was skipped due to time constraints - the content probably needed twice as much time as was available.

I agree with Derick on the point about using a presentation system that keeps all of the text on the screen - although it seemed like the projector was a bit wonky in Track 3 all day.

It would have been good to at least have a mention that 3.8 is going to be 5.4 only (or at least, that's what the placeholder Changlog says on Github).

Overall it was good, but maybe a higher level overview or just less content is needed next time to give the talk room to breath.

The talk was very fast paced due to time constraints. Did pique my interest in the latest developments in php unit. The talk did motivate me to start testing my projects more.

Awesome talk, many thanks.

Useful overview of PHPUnit, although I felt it was a little high level for me, but perhaps because my knowledge of PHPUnit is still reasonably limited.

Awesome. Thanks for the updates on what's new. I know there was already a lot crammed in, but it would have been nice to get an idea for what's on the roadmap for future releases.

A good update on PHPUnit. I'll need to go through my notes and check out some of the other tools that Volker mentioned. Sorry about the tech problems with the slides.

This is not a criticism of the speaker but it seemed like all of the heat from the main conference room had been pumped into here.