Tools of the PHP Trade


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Great presenter, passionate, informed, informative, GSOH. I learned a bunch of useful stuff. The internet connection sucked but nevertheless we were saved by the fall back plan! Thanks Lorna.

Anonymous at 11:34 on 6 Oct 2012

A great introduction to some of the Tools of the PHP Trade, clearly presented - and inspirational too: am spending a sunny Saturday morning gitting all over the place.

Even though I did a talk on Continuous Integration and the tools involved, it has been a while that I updated myself with the latest developments. So I decided to visit Lorna's tutorial. Lorna did an excellent job in telling the people who just started out how all of the tools work, and she also took the time to give a good answer to the more advanced questions, which is excellent!
Even though many of the tools were a recap for me, I learned some new stuff as well like XHProf which is amazing!
I'm very satisfied and I returned back to my hotel as a more enriched and confident developer!

Nice talk Lorna, thanks - like you, I didn't realise we needed a built in web server in PHP but it looks super useful! I upgraded to PHP 5.4 as soon as your talk ended, I am ready to go... Traits, hmmm... I am not sure...

Thanks for the excellent tutorial Lorna. There were several useful things I picked up from this session. Hope to attend another one soon!

I found this tutorial to be extremely useful, not just in that I have a better understanding of the tools I use already, but the additional tools like XHProf which are going to prove invaluable in a project we've been having trouble with.

As with all of Lorna's talks I have been to, it was presented well, sides/handout were easy to follow and she didn't move too fast so everyone managed to keep up.

The only downside is for the venue rather than Lorna, the room was small and after our laptops had been on a while a bit on the warm side. Also the wifi wasn't great, but luckily Lorna thought ahead and stored a little backup plan on the VM so everyone could keep going. a great idea which resulted in a brilliant tutorial day.

Thanks again Lorna :)

Excellent talk. Well presented and managed to cope with the issues that arose due to the hotel not providing a decent internet, correct number of places or power supplies.

I knew a bit about the majority of the tools before hand but still managed to learn something new.