Twig doesn't make templating your enemy


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Pretty good, made me think about moving to twig.

I always liked twig but never really "got" it fully, your presentation cleared up some issues I had with it.

Enjoyed it, and am gonna be using it....Still a bit hot in there though, but not as bad as the when the varnish talk was on.

Just might give twig a chance.

Great! I attended this talk to get an idea of what twig is and what it can do, as a project I'll be working on uses twig, this was a GREAT introduction and I got an idea how I will go about with it now, got what I wanted from this talk and it was nicely and clearly presented, I couldn't be happier, thanks! :)

From the title I kind of expected this to be more about WHY someone should use Twig, or a demonstration of its features beyond the basics. Instead it seemed more like a tutorial on the general syntax, that seemed to just go on until time ran out. To be honest I could have done that at home reading the documentation.

I give it a neutral 3/5, given that it wasn't necessarily bad, but just seemed like one of Hugo's training sessions rather than a presentation about 'why Twig isn't your enemy'.

I'd echo Adam's comment in that it seemed like a basic tutorial and didn't really expand on the standard docs. As an introduction to Twig it works, but as a Symfony2 dev I probably picked the wrong talk.

Gave a basic overview of what twig is with some breif comments about why you should use it. I'm not sure i'd use it though. I have a feeling there would be a performance hit. Something else for the processor to do before the page could be rendered. Maybe that benefts wern't driven home enough. Just my opinion.

First time I've seen Hugo live. Impressed by his knowledge.

I know Twig and I use it, but thanks to Hugo's talk I now know how this all works internally. And I learned some nice tricks too.

What I would like to see in the future: more real world examples (I know, this sounds so cliché). Maybe you could feature some common cases where templating is required and you could compare classic PHP with Twig (and Smarty). That would certainly prove the power of Twig.

Good job, Hugo!