Working with ZF2's Zend\Form


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Rob in his immutable style.

Concise and clear, wish we had more time.

Anonymous at 18:48 on 7 Oct 2012

Calm speaking style and lovely slides.

Answered my question very well - thanks.

Very clear and I felt the questions after the presentation were answered thoroughly.

Rob's dry wit and obvious deep knowledge of ZF made for a great talk full of useful information presented clearly. Being able to explain and present the thinking behind a design decision really helps you to understand new features or redesigned old ones and this is where Rob's knowledge is invaluable and the talk is elevated beyond a set of slides or a wiki page on the subject. 9am on Sunday made this talk less well attended than it deserved and scheduling it opposite a talk by the BBC was also harsh but the resulting more intimate atmosphere was a pleasant change from other talks :)

I missed the begining, first thing on day three was not a good time slot. I think this might be the third time i've seen Rob discuss this subject, and as always it was well presented. Good overview of the subject but with ZendForm there is soo much to cover and we seemed to run out of time. I was hoping for a use case of when you would or would not use bindOnValidate, guess i'll have to read the docs. I will be looking for the video of this so i can go over it again at my usual slow pace. Well done Rob, keep up the good work.