Getting things done with ElasticSearch


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Brilliant talk. Very imformative talk on the "how" of Elasticsearch.
Some excellent tips i wouldnt have thought of.
Also Thijs keeps a nice pace.

Petra Dreiskamper at 10:09 on 4 Oct 2015

Excellent intro, overview and explanation of the power of Elasticsearch. Would have liked to hear the end of the presentation.

Great talk. Made me want to go home and write a search engine. :-)

Anonymous at 12:41 on 4 Oct 2015

I was really looking forward to this talk and it was as shame technical issues caused us to miss the last few slides, especially the bits about ELK and the php/js clients but we can google those.

That out the way, the talk was informative and covered everything we needed to go away and get started using ElasticSearch.

Brilliant explanation and presentation even with mic issues. Clearly identified the capabilities of Elasticsearch and also went into configuration.

Fantastic talk. Clearly knowledgable about the subject and enthusiastic too. A good confident speaker.

If there was one downside it would be that there was too much content for the slot. But I'm going to forgive that in the score because I would really have liked to run late on this one if the next talk hadn't needed the room.

Great talk, especially loved the fact he covered ES basic in one slide and jumped straight on the parts that really matter. Excellent speaker too. 5/5 Would watch again.

Great talk, well presented.

Great presentation style packed with content, shame no time for Q&A. Having relatable examples really helped - Showing SQL query alongside equivalent Elastic search REST Query was a nice touch.

Really informative and entertaining talk (Especially for the hangover slot). I liked the real world example and feel like he covered a lot of information at a good pace. This has inspired me to go and use it in my next project!

Only downside is that I wish we had more time to finish the slides.

Thanks Thjis

Great talk. Good flow, nice pace. Very solid introduction to elasticsearch.

To bad it started slightly late because of technical issues as this meant the talk was cut slightly short.

I don't have i feeling i missed anything, and i guess i can google the rest.

On a completely unrelated side note, i noticed you have an 'Flemish' version on speaker deck, would have loved to see you do that one ;)