Mental Health, Open Source and You


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Great subject and a good talk; I especially liked the way Mike showed how we can seek help ourselves when problems arise. My only criticisms would be the lack of Open Source (badly titled?) and the slides could be more polished. Neither really detracts though.

Props to Mike for telling a very personal story, which rightfully points out how vital it is that we as a community of brainiacs need to take good care of our and eachothers gray matter!

very brave and interesting talk; important to raise awareness and sensible, usable advice.

maybe the questions section could be a little more interactive (allow the audience to respond or think about things - though I think this is mostly situational)
slides or just the last one ('Resources') could've possibly done with adding a summary of other (short) links (names, hashtags, twitter handles)

good pointers, relevant answers and information, putting things in perspective (effects on personal/relations/business), prompting people to communicate more

thank you for putting the slides up!!

Mark Railton at 16:38 on 4 Oct 2015

So thankful to Mike for giving this talk on a subject that personally affects him. I appreciate him opening up and sharing his own experiences.

Really interesting to see what you used to help you get through these issues. I think unless you have been there, you cant really understand how it feels. I am glad you are bringing attention to it!

Thanks Mike!

Extremely brave talk delivered intelligently and genuinely. Hammers home the importance of work/life balance and the need to understand that it's ok to ask for help.