PHPUnit IV.III - Return of the tests


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Anonymous at 17:26 on 3 Oct 2015

Hoped for more detail and best practice's for PhpUnit
Talk covered a lot on handling legacy code which wasn't very relevant for me

Some good examples of handling code, well paced and good use of the space/audience, interesting slides. Could've possibly done with overview/best practices of PHPUnit. Loved the star wars references (:

Shaun at 09:12 on 4 Oct 2015

Did feel that the emphasis was on pretty basic legacy too , would like to seen some advice on working with adding testing to old frameworks we may inherit zf1 ci etc

how to work with legacy code with why and what. Great talk!

Ashley Hindle at 10:48 on 4 Oct 2015

I think a better title or description would help as a lot of the content I already knew. I wasn't sure what kind of information would be covered. Interaction with the audience was jarring but the content/slides/jokes and progression of information was spot on.

Anonymous at 13:45 on 4 Oct 2015

I don't think the talk quite matched the description / title of the talk. Was hoping for some more information about some advanced approaches, some of the 'gotchas' people fall into and perhaps a bit more detail on some of the approaches to testing legacy code.
With the first presentation running quite a bit under time, it was well recovered with going through samples in other talks, but it did feel like something was missing.

I was a bit disappointed with this talk, I wasn't sure what to expect from the talk description, but as I'm interested in testing I thought I'd check it out.

It turns out it was more around dealing with legacy code and seemed to advocate a couple of testing practices I wouldn't advocate myself.

I think I enjoyed the talk description more than the talk unfortunately. It was interesting but not what I was expecting.