Secure your web application with two-factor authentication


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Anonymous at 10:31 on 4 Oct 2015

Brilliant, informative talk.

Joz at 10:34 on 4 Oct 2015

Very methodical approach to the different 2FA. Nice to see how these are used in different CMS

Great talk, I don't use 2FA as much as I should right now, but will be rolling it out thanks to Rob's talk!

Anonymous at 13:22 on 4 Oct 2015

Mark Railton at 16:36 on 4 Oct 2015

Great talk with effective use of code samples to show just how to easy it can be to introduce 2FA to your apps.

good overview of 2FA and how easy it actually is to implement in our sites/apps. nice simple code examples and presented at a good pace giving no excuses for us not to do this.

2FA is nothing new and nothing exciting. Thus I was not expecting much of this talk. However i was pleasantly surprised. Talk was very well structured. Code examples and explanations of algorithms were very easy to follow. Really good!

Well presented with excellent content. Rob basically delivered a 2FA 101 and showed how simple it was to implement in a number of different ways.

I took a lot away from this talk. Cheers Rob.

I was expecting something a little more in depth but it had appeared to have all the things I needed to get started with 2FA covered. I feel that sometimes Rob could have picked up the pace a little.

I very much enjoyed the talk, Rob delivered with his practiced ease as usual. Upsides include I actually found out how to generate cryptographically secure 6 digit "random" numbers, which was a bonus and I definitely have enough to get add 2FA to any sites I need to. The only negative was maybe I would have like a little more depth in places, it felt pretty lightweight, but it's hard to pin down exactly why.

Overall definitely worth attending, thanks Rob.

I enjoyed the talk and found it easy to follow. 2FA isn't something I've ever given much thought so this highlighted how straight-forward the process is and how quickly you can get it set up. I did expect it to go a bit deeper but think this was mainly down to me assuming it was a lot more complex than most of the tools/implementations make it. The tone of the talk was great, very relaxed and clear, and when I left I was totally convinced I'd be adding 2FA to our clients sites. Ran through adding 2FA to a test site and took me no time at all to get it working so really practical and useful information. Thanks

Anonymous at 11:47 on 5 Oct 2015

Both a good overview of 2FA and concrete examples of implementation

Good talk, great examples, easy to follow. I already created a prototype on the train home inspired by Robs talk!